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Today we will be learning the 'ck' digraph (two letters that make one sound). 

  • Watch the Mr Thorne Video for the 'ck' digraph -
  • Have a go at blending some of the words out loud -
  • Afterwards, see if you can remember any of the words that ended in the 'ck' sound.
  • Have a go at drawing a picture of these and write the word too.
  • You might like to have a go at our Roll, Read and Colour Activity (see below). You will need a dice and some colouring crayons to play this game. 


  • Listen to the story again and look carefully to see if you can find all of the clothes that went missing off the washing line.            Which animal is wearing each one?
  • Afterwards, see if you can draw a picture of the animal that wears each item of clothing and have a go at writing the name of the piece of clothing underneath.
  • Do you notice anything about each animal’s name and the piece of clothing that they are wearing? Do the words sound similar at the end?


Today's lesson is on the Oak Academy website. Once on the site, select Lessons - Schedule - Early Years Foundation Stage Reception - This week 8th February - select Tuesday - select lesson 2 Maths - Applying knowledge of one more and one fewer (Part 2) -

Whizzy Maths

Re-cap your subtraction skills from last week, with one of our favourite characters - Jack Hartmann -

Watch when you subtract the same number -

Internet Safety Day

We have attached a few resources for you to discuss at home with your child about keeping safe on the internet.