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Hello and welcome to week 5 of the Summer term.  We have really enjoyed reading your weekly news and looking through your photos.  The class gallery looks great, with your smiling faces and creative pieces of work. 


We must say that we are really impressed and proud of your hard work! You have shown great determination and perseverance.  It has been lovely to hear that you have been mastering non-academic things too, such as riding bikes without stabilizers or learning to skip with a skipping rope. 


We thank you all for being such wonderful super stars and allowing us to be a part of your journey even though we are apart laugh

TicTacToe wb:18th May, 2020

Phonics WB: 18th May, 2020

Examples for the Memory & Phonics Tray Activity

The bird sat in the cup.
The duck drank the milk.
Batman fell in the wool.
The snail had a spoon for a hat!