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If we had been at school this week, it would have been ‘Pet Week’ and children would have been invited to bring well behaved pets, pictures of pets or books about their pet (or favourite animal, if they do not have a pet) to ‘Show and Tell’ to the rest of the class, to develop their speaking and listening skills. They could perhaps do this ‘Show and Tell’ to their family at home or grandparents via Facetime, Skype etc and answer any questions posed by the audience. Last year these inspirational ‘Show and tell’ sessions resulted in Mrs Baldwin buying her first ever puppy!


Maths – we would have been working on one more/one less than a given number to 20. Feel free to complete the appropriate worksheets in your home learning pack on this.


Phonics  - our new sound would have been ‘ou’. Can you start by watching Mr Thorne’s Phonics on YouTube about ‘ou’ as the children really love Geraldine the Giraffe! Each day read and spell ‘ou’ words. How many pictures of words containing ‘ou’ words can you draw and label in your school book that we sent home? Can you write a sentence, using your sound mat, containing an ‘ou’word and underline it?


Handwriting – use the ‘Curly Caterpillar Letters’ sheets in your pack. Please note the ‘f’ is new for the children as previously it was the same as on your RWinc sheet taken home in the Autumn term (where the f sat on the line). In readiness for the move to year , where the children learn to join their letters, we introduce the ‘f’ with the descender below the line (see sheet sent home last week in your pack) in the summer term of year R.


Please feel free to do any other activities from the grids in the pack.


Don’t forget to send us an email by the end of the week, to let us know how you are getting on!


Have fun!

The Foundation Stage Team