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w/c 08.05.23

w/c 08.05.23


We hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!


Our focus in Maths is on composition. We will be completing week 24 of the NCETM's mastering number programme:-

Subject knowledge

This week, the children will review the composition of the numbers 6 to 9 using the ‘5 and a bit’ structure, and then begin to explore how 10 can be composed. They will also develop a sense of the ‘ten-ness of 10’ by making their own collections of 10 objects.

When exploring how 10 can be composed of 2 parts, the focus is on developing the children’s ability to subitise the parts in structured arrangements. A key representation to support this will be the double dice frame, which will allow them to build on their experiences in Week 23. The children will be encouraged to recognise a larger part of 10 when it is presented in the ‘5 and a bit’ structure, and then subitise the smaller part. They will also be encouraged to see how finger patterns can be used to represent 2 parts of 10, using the ‘fingers up and fingers down’ approach that was used when exploring the composition of 5. The children can also be given opportunities to see the composition of 10 represented on a 10-frame.                                                                                                                                  Connections

The children will already have experience of subitising small quantities and will use their existing skills to identify the ‘5 and a bit’ structure of the numbers 6 to 9. They will have previously built towers of blocks and made patterns of numbers to 10 in different ways, and they will build on these skills to further explore numbers between 5 and 10. 

When the children can compose and flexibly de-compose numbers mentally, they will become more fluent in their knowledge of number bonds and will be able to use this knowledge to become efficient when calculating in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Understanding and recalling how 10 can be composed is especially important as it underpins our number system.


In Literacy this week we will be using our phonic knowledge to write about the Coronation. The children will not be going to their small phonic groups due to the Year 6 SATs, as many of the rooms we go to for phonics will be in use for the year 6 children taking their exams. However, we will still be doing phonic lessons in our own classes daily. We will focus on recapping all the sounds covered so far and learning the new sound 'ir.' We will also be starting work on Jack and the Beanstalk.


Other work this week will involve work in Expressive Arts and Design to design and create props for the Giant's castle. In Science we will be learning about plants and growing and planting sunflower seeds.


The children in the Forest School groups may wear their clothes to school for their sessions.


We are looking forward to warmer weather. Please remember to bring your named water bottles and as it gets sunnier don't forget to apply long lasting suncream before school and to bring a hat. Children may bring their own suncream to school, but need to be able to apply it themselves.