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w/c 13.02.23

w/c 13.02.23


In Literacy this week, we will be reading and discussing the story of 'Max's Superhero Underpants'. We will be making posters based on this story. We will also be listening to other stories, for example 'Super Bat' and 'Super Gran' and answering reading comprehension questions.


The children will continue to work in groups for targeted phonics each day. The children move groups on a regular basis to match their phonic ability. Some children will be learning the sound for any gaps they have and working on oral blending and then blending to read words. Please keep practising the sounds that we have already covered and re-watch any of the links that we have sent home. At home you can help by practising using the flashcards, as well as saying the sound for your child to write down. Other children will be bringing home a sheet to re-read at home or red ditty books to practise. 

There will be no new sounds this week as we will be doing phonic assessments 1:1 with the children, in order to put them into their new groups after half term.


In Maths we will be completing assessments 1:1 in order to set targets for the children's mid year reports and these will be discussed at upcoming parent's evening appointments. We will also begin work on doubling.


In P.E. we will continue work on improving our core strength in our 'Big Moves' sessions and working on ball skills in P.E.


In expressive arts and design, we will be making handprint hearts. In understanding the world we will be learning  about Shrove Tuesday, which falls in the half term holiday this year and putting toppings onto pancakes and writing about this as part of our Literacy work.