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w/c 23.01.23

w/c 23.01.23



The children continue to impress us with all their hard work to earn reward points on the new 'Class Charts' system for the new, simplified school rules:-

I can listen.

I can follow instructions.

I can be kind.

They are really developing their level of independence with their work. It would be really helpful to work on undressing and dressing at home, especially to practise taking jumpers on and off and zipping up coats to further improve our independence. This will really help us dressing up in our role play areas.


In Maths we will be completing week 14 of the NCETM's Mastering Number programme. The focus will be on composition.


Subject knowledge

This week, the children will continue to engage with activities that develop their understanding of composition, or the numbers within numbers.

A key focus will be on exploring ways to represent numbers using the Hungarian number pattern (die pattern). These key representations will help to underline the ‘5-ness’ of 5, and provide structures that will support exploration of its composition and its relationships with other numbers. The children will secure their understanding of the pairs of numbers that make 5, and then use double dice frames to begin to explore 6 and 7 as numbers that are composed of ‘5 and a bit’. 


The children will have previously explored die patterns as a way of representing numbers from 1–6 and used their subitising skills to explore pairs of numbers within 5. They will have previously built a secure sense of the value and composition of 5, which will support their understanding of numbers between 5 and 10 by revealing their ‘5 and a bit’ structure. When the children can compose and flexibly decompose numbers mentally, they will become more fluent in their knowledge of number bonds and will be able to use these to become efficient when calculating in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


In P.E. we will continue work on improving our core strength in our 'Big Moves' sessions and doing some gymnastics and ball skills in the hall.


In Literacy this week, we will be putting our phonic skills to good use to sound out and write about our story using sound mats to help us. Our Literacy work will be based around the story of 'Max' by Bob Graham. The children will continue to work in groups for targeted phonics each day. The children move groups on a regular basis to match their phonic ability. Some children will be learning the sound for any gaps they have and working on oral blending and then blending to read words. Please keep practising the sounds that we have already covered and re-watch any of the links that we have sent home. At home you can help by practising using the flashcards, as well as saying the sound for your child to write down. Other children will be bringing home a sheet to re-read at home or red ditty books to practise. 

Also as an extra session the whole class will be learning an new sound - special friends 'ee.'

In handwriting we are continuing to work on the curly caterpillar family with a focus on d. g and q.


In expressive arts and design, we will be deigning and making our own superheroes badges.