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w/c 31.10.22

This week we are learning 5 new sounds  - v, y, w, x and z. We will also be assessing the sounds covered so far, to check if your child has remembered them and also whether then can orally blend.


We will be learning how to use a sound mat to help us write and will complete a piece of writing about what we dressed up as at the PTA Halloween disco. 


In Maths we will be completing week 6 of the NCETM's Mastering Number programme. The focus is: counting, ordinality and cardinality,


Subject knowledge

This week, the children will continue to engage with activities that underline the purpose of counting – to find out ‘how many’ objects there are altogether. They will reinforce their understanding of cardinality – that the last number in the count tells us ‘how many’ things there are altogether in a set of objects – and they will further practise their 1:1 correspondence skill, by counting numbers at the same time as moving or tagging objects.

A key focus this week is deepening their understanding of 5 as a quantity by linking the number itself to the 5 fingers on one hand. The children will also begin to explore ways to represent numbers to 5 using both their fingers and the Hungarian number pattern. These key representations will help to underline the ‘fiveness’ of 5 and provide structures that will support later exploration of its composition and its relationships with other numbers.


The children will have previously experienced helping a puppet to count 1 object at a time in a small set to find out how many there are altogether.

As they move through Reception, they will continue to develop their counting skills, organising and counting larger sets of a wide range of objects. They will become secure enough with their counting skills to be able to count out a set of objects from a larger set, remembering the ‘stopping number’ and knowing that this means they have selected the correct number. They will also be able to use counting skills in a range of contexts, including counting things that cannot be seen (for example, the number of times a ball is bounced) and using counting to measure time (for example, to play ‘hide and seek’).

Counting can be used across the curriculum, for example, counting out objects to help make patterns or counting objects that are used as non-standard measures.



We will be learning about Guy Fawkes and making firework pictures on black sugar paper. We will also be painting in our free choice time and will choose what we paint ourselves!


In Mandarin we will be learning numbers. In P.E. we will be completing Big Move assessments for our gross motor skills and also doing a Firework dance.