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Week Commencing 20/04/2020

Welcome back Year 6

We hope you've all had a lovely Easter Break laugh and are ready and raring for some more home-learning. You've all been doing a fantastic job sending us emails and pictures of your work. Lets keep it going. 

Remember there are lots of useful links on the first page when you enter Year 6 Home-Learning and within previous home-learning weeks, use everything available to you.

Please ensure you email your class teacher within the next week and let them know how you are getting on, looking forward to hearing from you all.


Mrs Dhesi, Mrs Keal and Miss Pearson

BBC Bitesize


Beginning on 20th April BBC Bitesize will be offering an increased range of useful resources that will be helpful to all of us.


Their main website can be found at, 



Daily live lessons at set  times are also being offered.


Year 6's work can be found more specifically at,



 I've had a good look through the resources offered and they seem both varied and useful. The interactive games and challenges in maths and English could be  particularly helpful in both focusing and entertaining children.

  Our school will be pleased to find the Mandarin area. This will be helpful in both reminding as well as progressing the children's language work. 



Caution. This website offers a wide range of excellent resources and we shall be recommending specific areas during the summer term. The site is very broad and even the KS2 part covers years 3-6. Your child is not expected to learn and understand all of this. Many areas in history, geography and science for example will not be taught until year 5 or 6. Maths concepts and ideas for older children can be difficult and even disheartening for younger children. Please supervise and guide your children in their choices. However revisiting work done in previous years is a great for reviewing and reminding.


COMPUTING week 1 beg. 20/4/20


This term we would normally be getting to grips with some computer programming activities so start off this week by revisiting previous simple coding using Scratch  or the Lightbot game , you used these in years 4 and 5 at some point with myself or Mr Keal. (software available online after a simple search)  These demonstrate the use of simple visual code to sequence instructions to a sprite or robot.


Then we move onto the use of Kodu, this is simple visual programming software specifically designed for creating games. 

Search for 'Kodu Game Lab  and you will need to install the software, but it is free!  (get an adult's permission and help) There are two choices on the download page but you only need one of them depending on your system, usually koduSetup.EXE


 Usually I talk you through in stages but I will include a PowerPoint (Twinkle) which is designed for classroom use and paired working but it's a great guide for independent working too.  This week I would like you to simply 'investigate' the software and coding.

Have the PowerPoint open on one tab and the game on another so you can simply jump between them as you work.  You should be used to doing this form lessons when we worked on spreadsheets.


Please don't just 'play' jumping around the site, use the LESSONS actively, thinking about cause and effect and try to plan ahead thinking how you can 'make things happen'.