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Week Commencing 27/04/2020


Welcome to another week of Home learning, week 4 ,if you excluded the Easter holidays and week 6 if you worked on through.


Remember to go online , to find a wealth of resources from the BBC, Twinkl and others  to keep  those basic spelling, grammar  and maths skills honed.  Remember to use TT rock stars and My Maths.  Now is the time to go back to something you never really mastered in class and revise and improve it at your own speed  (scroll through the previous weeks to find the links). 

Remember BBC Bitesize are doing daily maths and English lessons as well, which are considerably more entertaining than your teachers so well worth a look.


We have set you some work but would be interested to know how you are organising your time independently.  Do you have a timetable with set blocks of activities?  Are you being guided by the online resources ? Are you choosing the activities  you like best and missing out the ones you find tricky or don't like?  Do you wait for an adult to get you motivated and learning?   As you prepare to transition to Secondary Schools, now is the time to improve your personal organisation.  


Please ensure you email your class teacher within the next week and let them know how you are getting on,  we are looking forward to hearing from you all.


Mrs Dhesi, Mrs Keal and Miss Pearson

BBC Bitesize





Daily live lessons at set  times are also being offered.


Year 6's work can be found more specifically at,









COMPUTING   KODU - week 2 beg. 27/4/20


I hope you managed to download the software and have a go last week,  the purpose  was to become familiar with Kodu by using some of the tutorials but don't worry about doing all of them as we return to them in detail via the PowerPoints.


If you haven't already, search for 'Kodu Game Lab  and you will need to install the software, but it is free!  (get an adult's permission and help) There are two choices on the download page but you only need one of them depending on your system, usually koduSetup.EXE


I have included some 'Activity sheets' to talk you through step by step  but be aware they are at three levels, 1, 2 and 3 stars if you want to push yourself a little more.

Have the PowerPoint or Activity sheet  open on one tab and the game on another so you can simply jump between them as you work.