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Research the rules of a game of netball. Find out about the different positions that can be played.


You can also complete any learning that Mr Smithies has posted for 6PS below.



Monday 25 Nov


Miss Pearson has been known to refer to 'Dad's TV'......Ouch. But this really is. In fact some of you will have parents who are younger than this.....


Michael Wood goes in search of Eric Bloodaxe. Despite the questionable quality of the VHS based recording (ask your parents), and the way it destroys the slow movement from Beethoven's Seventh, this history is spot on.



Tue 24 Nov


The Vikings (and the Anglo-Saxons) liked patterns which looked like knots - they drew fantastic serpents which were so entwined they would bite their own tails.


This video shows how you can do this. You only need to watch from 42 to 45 mins - but you may need to watch it and pause it many times.

Wed 25 Nov


I don't want to be too lenient, but I know some people are already a little behind and I want them to catch up.


So only if everything else is finished.... Hnefatafl - the game played by Vikings


There are different versions on line. the one at    has both a one and two player mode. Read the rules and give it a go.


If you enjoy playing you could research archaeological finds, and even have a go at making your own set. Please don't carve a board on the dining table (which is what the Vikings did) - a felt pen and a plain bit of old fabric are a good choice.



Thursday 26 Nov


I don't want to burden you with too much. If you can have a look at BBC Bitesize for its KS2 Viking sections. You could play more hnefatafl or try your hand at Viking art (perhaps a longship or a Viking pattern).


Friday 27 Nov


Years ago I was lucky enough to visit Oslo and see the Viking ships. In real life they were stunning - amazing survivors but also incredibly beautiful. I knew the Oseburg ship was decorated with intricate carving, but the plainer Gokstad ship was even better in my eyes. There was something about its pure lines that took my breath away. I hope that one day you will have the chance to see them too.


In the meantime (and you probably need to wait until after the new museum is built in 2025) their website is worth a look.


By selecting each ship you can have a virtual tour, as well as seeing the artefacts found with them. (There's a wagon, some sleighs and a bed which puts Ikea's designs to shame).


If that wasn't enough, the Norwegians are now excavating another ship. On the website you can find 3D models of the dig which you can rotate, twist and enlarge. I'll put up a link to the home page but also some of the main pages below for you to explore.