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This week, I would like you to complete your published non-chronological report. Examples below.


Please remember that this is your final published piece. Keep it neat and tidy. Do a little bit each day so that you are not tempted to rush it.

I am hoping for some truly fantastic finished work here and cannot wait to see them when we are back.


For the rest of topic/wider curriculum, for the moment please take a look and have a go at the work that Mr Smithies had set below for his class last week and have a look in last weeks wider curriculum page and see whats there.

3/12/20 PE

4/12/20 Computing

Log into Digimap (log in details have been sent to you via email).

Familiarise yourself with the system again. The link below (Digimap) is a support page, this will help you to navigate Digimap.


Can you find any places that indicate Viking settlements (use the work in your topic book to help you). 


Using the 5km scale can you locate Whitby and Scarborough? You should be able to position your map so that both of these places are visible.

We know this is an area where Vikings settled. Looking for place names that indicate Viking Settlements and using the features in Digimap, can you mark these places on the map.

You might even be able to save your map, with your markers and print it off to stick into your book. 


Now try zooming into Whitby (100m) scale. Do you notice anything about the place names? 

Watch the BBC video link below.

Can you now locate York?

I wonder if you are able to find any of the street names that where mentioned in the video?





Don't worry if you don't get all this done today, it can be continued next Friday.





Mon 30 Nov


After my recent work on behalf of the Norwegian Tourist Agency, I thought I would find news of Viking ships nearer to home. I can't say for sure what is buried beneath a pub carpark in Birkenhead, but I really hope someone investigates further.


And for a charming story of how the Saxons treated the crews of Viking ships:

Tuesday 1 Dec


For a final Viking task, can you try to investigate the evidence for the Vikings in Britain? 


In Leicester I can find evidence for the Romans (Jewry Wall Museum). At Brixworth, the church is Saxon.


What did the Vikings leave behind? How can we tell where they settled. Come on, my ducks, as they say in Leicestershire. There must be something.