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Topic - continue with your non-chronological report if you have not yet finished.

If you have finished, we would have begun looking at crime and punishment in Viking times.

Do some research, what can you find out about crime and punishment. A page linked below to get you started.


PE - linked below


Continue with your Viking crime and punishment research.


WALA (We are learning about): Viking Crime and Punishment.

In your topic book create a table to compare Viking crime and punishment with present day crime and punishment.

How are they different? How are they the same?


Copy the statement below into your book. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your thoughts fully.

Viking crime and punishment was fair and just.


For the rest of this week, I would like you to research and present information on a topic of your choice linked to the Vikings. We have already looked at Viking shields, settlements, long-ships, crime and punishment.


Some ideas:

1. Viking culture - clothing, food, way of living

2. Viking Gods/Myths/Beliefs

3 Vikings: raiders or settlers?


It doesn't have to be any of these but for some of you this is a starting point.


You may present your work in any way you choose (you can use a computer if you want).

Ideas could include:

-a double page spread in your topic book

-a powerpoint

-a poster

-an explanation text/non-chronological report

-a 3D model


Maybe you will come up with something even more creative.



Topic - your research project

PE - linked below


Topic - your research project

Computing - continue with your Digimap work. If you have finished, have a go at the activity linked below. Make sure you READ IT CAREFULLY, following all instructions.