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Wider curriculum

Religious Studies - Buddhism

Continuing with our learning on Buddhism, this week we would like you to learn about an important festival that is celebrated in May when there is a full moon. Vesak (or Wesak) celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha and is regarded as the most important festival.

Art - Banksy

Look at the attached image:

Banksy painted the Clacton Pigeon mural on a boathouse wall in Clacton. The picture shows a group of pigeons holding anti-immigration placards saying ‘Go back to Africa’, ‘Migrants not welcome’ and ‘Keep off our worms’, while an African swallow looks on.

The mural, which was thought to be worth around £400,000, was destroyed by officials from Tendring District council, who considered it to be ‘inappropriate, offensive and racist’.


There are a number of online newspaper reports where you can find more information:

Task 1 - Answer the following questions. 

  • why did some people think this is a racist image? Do you agree? Why/Why not?
  • Do you think the council should have painted over it?


Task 2 - Can you alter the image to a more migrant welcoming scene? You could do this by:

  • Add clothes to the pigeons. This could make them appear more diverse - representative of our multicultural society - as opposed to an angry army with the same views
  • Add balloons and make it a celebration of welcoming
  • Add speech bubbles
  • Change the writing on the banners and placards by sticking pieces of paper on top, for example 'Welcome to our land', 'Eat more worms'.
  • Add another bird to the image.