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Wider Curriculum

Cross Curricular project

For the next few weeks you will be expected to complete an extended piece of work, in the form of a cross-curricular project. The project will be split into a series of activities, that when combined will make a final piece. The project will involve the use of investigation and presentation skills and will cut across several areas of the curriculum, including English, geography, history, PSHE and art. The aim of the project is to further promote active learning and to give you a taste of the sort of independent work you may be expected to produce in secondary school.

The subject of the project will be ‘Countries of the World’. We have chosen this subject as it gives plenty of scope for you to research different areas: population, religions, events, transport, sport, music, politics.

Your project must include a mixture of writing and pictures. It can be hand written or word processed. The most interesting projects will include facts as well as opinions – what do you think? How could it be done differently? Why do you think they did that?


We will set you tasks each week, these need to be completed and then emailed (pictures or documents) to your class teacher.


Week 1: 30th March 2020

Task 1: Decide on a country for your project. Choose a country that you have heard of or even been on holiday to. Think carefully about your chosen country as you need to create a whole project on it.


Task 2: Write an introduction for your project – include the following:

  • Why you have chosen the country
  • Location – which continent is it in?
  • Population – how many people live there today? 10 years ago? 100 years ago?
  • Weather – does the country have 4 seasons like England or only 2?
  • A timeline of the major events in your chosen country
  • Your introduction should be written in sentences not bullet points, think about the use of vocabulary to engage the reader.

WWF Classroom


Join WWF-UK’s Matt Larsen-Daw live on their YouTube channel (  on Tuesday 31st March at 11am for an introduction to the Seek app and some tips for finding, identifying and recording wildlife without leaving your home.

LEGO Challenge

Are you up for the challenge?

Have a go at completing the 30 day LEGO challenge. Make sure you send us pictures of your creations to put on the website.


P.E with Joe

It's so important that you all stay physically active children. Join Joe in his daily PE lesson 9am.

Link below.

Something that the whole family can do (I did it last week - Miss Pearson) - send us your photos.

Workout Challenge

Are you brave enough to accept the challenge?

Parents, brothers, sisters and all. Send in your pictures as proof.

Science - Electricity

Time for you to do some science learning and experiments at home. Below you will find Power-points, activities and helpful resources to support your learning at home. Espresso has an electricity module (select upper ks2) with some useful videos and learning materials that should support you. There is also a link to investigation ideas and an online circuit builder. You do not necessarily need to complete every single one of these activities, but there is plenty for you to enage with and have a go. I have uploaded an end of year assessment to give you an idea of what you are expected to know. PARENTS THEY DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THIS AS A TEST. 





Continue with your Digimap project from last week if not yet complete.


Create a rainbow to put in your window. Or create it outside.

Be creative - what different materials or resources can you use to do this?

Send us your pictures.