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Wider Curriculum

Cross Curricular project - Countries of the World

Week 3: 27th April 2020

Chapter 2 Famous people

Task: Create a short profile about key people from your chosen country, we would like to see at least two. Explain what they did and why they are remembered. What impact have they had on your chosen country? Are they liked, if not why? Tell us how your chosen country or the world has changed because of their input.

Remember to write your own sentence and include your opinions. Do not copy and paste facts found on the internet – we know when you have copied J


Week 2: 20th April 2020

Chapter 1 News

Task:  Investigate 3 or 4 major events from the time period in more detail and create a chapter outlining both happy/exciting events as well as disasters.

Please include pictures or illustrations in your first chapter.

There must be paragraphs to separate the events and include a variety of sentence starters (fronted adverbials, adverbs, time connectives). In your paragraph discuss what happened; how it impacted the country; is the event celebrated or remembered in anyway?



Week 1: 30th March 2020

Task 1: Decide on a country for your project. Choose a country that you have heard of or even been on holiday to. Think carefully about your chosen country as you need to create a whole project on it.


Task 2: Write an introduction for your project – include the following:

  • Why you have chosen the country

  • Location – which continent is it in?

  • Population – how many people live there today? 10 years ago? 100 years ago?

  • Weather – does the country have 4 seasons like England or only 2?

  • A timeline of the major events in your chosen country

  • Your introduction should be written in sentences not bullet points, think about the use of vocabulary to engage the reader.


Hubble Telescope 30th Anniversary.

Create a quiz around the Hubble Telescope for your family and friends - Find out how much they know.

Remember you need the answers too - so do your research.

In light of this lovely weather, why not have a go at making ice-cream and looking at the science behind how its made?

Cooking and science all in one.

ART and D&T

A little bit of fun - can you name the chocolate bar? If you email 6JP once you've completed, I can send you the answers.