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Wider Curriculum

  WEEK 4, KODU COMPUTING  - Deconstructing Code


This week you are leaning to code your game, the best way to do this is to look at existing code to see how it works.

There are three levels of ability on the worksheets so choose the one you prefer but not the easiest one for you!


Unfortunately you won't be able to work with a partner as suggested on the PowerPoint but do the best you can anyway.

Staying Safe Online

Please try to access some of the online safety resources that we've have added this week, including the documents that have been added at the front of this weeks home-learning tab. Below are some links and activities that can be done at home.

Cross Curricular project - Countries of the World

Week 4: 11th May 2020


Chapter 3 Changes – what changes has the country seen?

There are lots of areas to investigate in this chapter. You could think about social or educational changes. Has climate change impacted your chosen country?

What about currency, has there been a new currency in the last 50 years?

Some of you might want to look into sports - has a team with no success suddenly become the champions of their field? What impact did this have on the country?

These are just a few ideas to get you started, you might want to look back at the last 10, 20 or even 100 years. You might be surprised with what you discover!

Just for fun ...

Go and check out Mr Mooney's "Sevens music" video on the year 2 page ... can you do it? Or can you create your own? Send us your videos laugh.

Miss P might even have a go on her YouTube account frown.



Miss P will be adding another quiz to her YouTube channel this week - keep an eye out - we've tried to be a little more creative this time round. If you've not seen my previous check them out, both classes welcome!!! Link below.