Whenever we consider our curriculum provision, we ask: What do we want our children to know, what do our children already know and how do they apply it? 

Our curriculum at Little Bowden aims to take children on a progressive, clear and exciting journey from the time they start with us in EYFS to the time they leave us in Year 6. We have invested time and resources for staff to be part of this process (alongside curriculum leaders) in order to have a clear understanding of the way in which the curriculum has been developed. The redesign of our curriculum began in 2020. The process that we are using is robust and each subject is being reviewed accordingly with our long-term plans.

In designing our curriculum frameworks, we have ensured that natural links are made between subjects, and that learning is built upon previously taught knowledge. This allows teachers to further children’s understanding and challenge any misconceptions and stereotypes. 

Community involvement is an essential part of our curriculum as we celebrate local traditions and learn new skills to enable the children to take an active role in events throughout the year. We respect and celebrate difference and diversity, something that is intertwined into our subject curriculum maps. Our curriculum also ensures children are knowledgeable about the history and geography of our local area because this is important to our community. Children develop a sense of belonging to this tightly knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners. 

Above you will see the curriculum frameworks for each of the subjects. If you would like further information about the curriculum offer, please contact the school to request extra information.

As we complete our curriculum review, newly-updated subject overviews will be added here.