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Year 1

Please don't forget that our PE days are on Monday and Tuesday so please send your child in on those days in their PE kit. 


Show and Tell - if your child would like to bring in something small, that is not valuable, to show their friends then they can do so on Fridays. 


This week we have been learning about the Pantosaurus and the power of PANTS to help children understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried.


For more information visit the NSPCC's website: Talk PANTS & Join Pantosaurus - The Underwear Rule | NSPCC

Our visit to Market Harborough Library and Museum

This week we visited the library and museum. The children had a great time and the adults were all very impressed by how sensibly the children walked to the library and how respectful they were whilst we were there.


Just2easy QR codes - if you would like to explore the just2easy website that we use in our computing lessons please find the webpage for and then select the tab for login page. There should be a login screen (see pic below) for you to select the small QR code icon (see yellow arrow). Providing you have a webcam on your laptop your child should be able to use their personalised QR code (stuck in the front page of their red spelling book) to login. A selfie-type camera will appear and the QR code must be fully in shot to work. This may take a few seconds of holding the code in front of the screen.

The j2e programme has a depth of features and we have just scratched the surface of simple word processing elements so far in the Jit5 feature. Work can be saved at school and home providing a portal to acquire computing skills away from the classroom.

Currently, the QR code is the main password for access but if you don't have webcam features then please contact one of the Year 1 teachers and we can have your child set up with a typed password.

Thank you, and happy exploration!



Our classrooms

Wassily Kandinsky inspired work

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