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Year 3


The final week of term is upon us. Hopefully you all now know who your teacher will be in Year 4 and that the first 3 days back after the Summer holiday will be spent with your Year 3 teachers. We hope this will help everyone to have a proper end to the year before moving on. I know that me and Mr Smithies are really looking forward to having you all back together.

I have included a variety of multiplication and division activities so you can keep practising your times tables over the holiday. Also if you keep reading and practising spellings from your spelling booklet by writing them in your handwriting book, you will be ready for Year 4.

Have an amazing Summer holiday.

Mr and Mrs Smithies



Hope everyone is keeping well and managing to keep smiling!!

We are going to continue the theme of puzzles again this week which you can pick and choose from.

Hello Year 3,

We hope you are all keeping well. Normally in school, we would be winding down a little as the end of the school year is fast approaching. 

So the theme for Maths and English this week is puzzles. There are easier and harder puzzles for you to pick and choose from. I hope you enjoy being detectives.

Enjoy the hot weather next week and don't forget to slip on a hat, slap on the sun cream and sip some water.

Just to let you know, 3BS website has decided to disappear from my laptop and has found an amazing place to hide. I will try to solve this conundrum as swiftly as possible. But in the meantime, I will obviously not be able to respond to emails. 

Take care,

Mrs Smithies

Hello Year 3 children and carers!

Thank you for all the amazing work which has been sent in to me. I'm sorry if it has taken longer to reply to some emails but I have also been working in school. 

I hope that you are all still trying to do some school work each day. I know that as the weeks go by, it becomes harder to keep up a routine but if nothing else it helps to break up the day. 

If you are feeling a little down at the moment, this is quite understandable. You have been away from your friends for a long time and adults at home can't always give you their time as they are busy with working from home or going back to work. Be kind to yourselves. Remember doing things that make you happy are so important. Perhaps you could meet a friend in the park (with social distancing, of course). I know that many of you use social media to keep in touch already.

Good luck with your home learning this week and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Mrs Smithies


Hello again,

While some children of key workers will be returning to school with Mr Smithies next week, most of you will be learning at home. I will be looking after you and setting some work to keep your skills going.

This week we will have a poetry focus in English, a multiplication and division focus in Maths and a plants focus in Topic. 

Please can I ask both classes to now send any questions and completed work to Mrs Smithies as Mr Smithies will be teaching in school.

                                                                      Thank you,

                                                    Mrs Smithies     


 We hope you have enjoyed your staycations over the half term and are ready for some new challenges!

We have prepared a final week of rainforest themed work before we move on to other topics.

We are calling this week 6.


Week 5!!!

Another week has gone by and we have received loads of amazing work from you all. Thank you so much!

This week is all about animals: endangered animals, camouflage and adaptation. 

Have fun!

We have finally started the photo album. We have had a few technical problems downloading some pictures as they are in many different formats. So if you can't see your work, we apologise but we have tried. If your work has not appeared, perhaps you could send more pictures maybe in a different format. We will keep adding. (Mr Smithies' class coming soon - I need Mrs Smithies' laptop to edit the website!).


Week 4 of the Summer Term. Who would have believed it?

We would like, once again, to say a huge thank you to all the hard work adults and children are doing. We need to keep persevering and we will all get through to the other side eventually.

We will create a slide show of children's work this week. As we have not heard from everyone whether we can use your work or not, we are going to presume that we can use your work if we haven't heard otherwise by Tuesday evening. So, you only need to inform us by email if you do not want us to use any photos of your child. It goes without saying that we will not attach any names to any photos or work.

We hope you enjoy this weeks installments and we look forward to receiving your work.


Mr and Mrs Smithies




A quick video message from Mr and Mrs Smithies. The star of the show is , of course, Amber.

Y3 Video.mp4

Still image for this video

Hello again.

Thank you all for your hard work (especially parents). Also thank you for all your emails and the wonderful work that you have sent to us. Remember that we can only do our best and try not to worry.


We have looked at the comments about Oak National Academy lessons. It seems that the English was too long, intense and difficult to navigate whereas the Maths was much better. From now on we will try to provide a mixture of downloadable resources as well as some interactive lessons. As for Oak National Academy, if you enjoyed it then feel free to continue using it.


Some parents liked the fact that the Oak Academy lessons built on each other. We have listened to this and provided some sequences of lessons (WALT write a rainforest poem and WALT understand the layers of the rainforest). Also, reading comprehensions about the rainforest have been provided at 3 different levels of difficulty. You can choose which best suits your child.


Also, we would like to create a photo gallery of your work. Please email us to say if we can include your child's picture.


Please keep communicating with us so that we can adapt this webpage to try and meet as many children's needs as possible.

Thank you again for your hard work and support,

Mr and Mrs Smithies

Emotional Well-Being

During these unusual times, it can sometimes be tricky to explain what is happening in children's language. The following link below has a large number of resources to support parents to address the subject of corona virus and also resources to help your child relax. So click on the link below.....


Parent Support | Little Bowden School

Oxford owl e-books and home learning resources.

Little Bowden School subscribes to Oxford Owl spelling and reading resources.

They have created a brilliant home learning zone.

This includes online spelling practise, loads of ebooks and other activities.


Here are your class logins and instructions which will allow you to access these high quality materials:- 


Google Oxford Owl

Click the Class Login button

Put in username and password

This will take you to the Home page for home learning.


Mr Smithies class.......     Username:  year 3ps      Password:  psmithies


Mrs Smithies class......    Username:  year3best      Password:   bsmithies

Dear Year 3 families,

We hope you all have had an enjoyable Easter staycation and are all safe and well.

In the Summer Term, Year 3 will be exploring the rainforests of the world. These amazing habitats are home to 50% of the world's plants and animals. They are also known as the lungs of the world. However, these unique places are daily threatened by humans.

This is a fascinating topic which needs to be studied through the eyes of a Year 3 child. In school, we carefully vet any information or film clips which the children see. Films about deforestation can include upsetting images.

Each week, we will be introducing a different part of the topic to try to build a gradual understanding of rainforests. Firstly, let's think about: what is a rainforest and where are they in the world? 

Have fun being rainforest explorers.

Mr. and Mrs. Smithies

Museum History

Please use the following email address to contact a year 3 teacher.



Year 3 Curriculum expectations

Additional Curriculum Information

Year 3 Risk Paraskevidekatriaphobia at Flag Fen