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Year 3

 Thursday 15th October 2020


Well done Year 3 for having such a great first term back at school. We have had a lovely first half term and we hope you have a relaxing break.


On the first week back, we will be testing the children on their  three times tables. We would appreciate it if you could practise this with them during the week.

The first week's spellings are:


move + ing = moving

joke + ing = joking

shine + ing = shining 

compute + ing = computing

swim + ing = swimming 

jog + ing = jogging 

hop + ing = hopping

stand + ing = standing

talk + ing = talking

walk + ing = walking


We are revising the double, drop or nothing rule when adding "-ing". 

If the root word ends in an "e", drop the "e" before adding "-ing". 

If the root word has a short vowel before the consonant (e.g. hop) then double the consonant before adding "-ing". This keeps the vowel short (hop, hopping not hop, hoping).

Most of the time "-ing" is just added to the root word without changing anything.


The words in red are the words the children will be tested on.


Test date: Friday 30th October


Our outdoor PE day has now changed from Thursday to Friday. On Mondays we will be doing gymnastics in the hall.


                            Thank you for your co-operation from the Year 3 team:


                          Mrs Smithies, Mr Davies, Miss Sargeant and Mrs Smith.


Homework 2020/21

Year 3 Curriculum expectations

Additional Curriculum Information