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Year 3

Hello Year 3,


We were very proud of how well everyone participated in sports day this week. Everyone tried their hardest and encouraged each other well. They were all winners!


Next week, we will be teaching the "pants" lesson which is part of our sex education policy. Be aware that the children will be taught the scientific names for various parts of their bodies. We will show them the pantasaurus song online, if you would like to check it out before hand.


We will also be doing a design and technology project next week, where we will use saws. 


As we have completed the spelling program for Year 3, there will be no more spelling tests. However, there are still assignments on Spelling Shed such as the Year 3 orange words which the children need to know before they go into Year 4.


Mrs Smithies and Mr Davies can still be contacted on the following emails:


Mrs Smithies:


Mr Davies



                            Thank you for your co-operation from the Year 3 team:


                          Mrs Smithies, Mr Davies, Mrs Webb, Mrs Smith and Mr Lovegrove.

Year 3 Curriculum expectations

Additional Curriculum Information