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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.

It doesn’t seem two minutes since the children were starting in reception and here they are embarking on their final year at primary school, which we hope will be an exciting and interesting finale to life at Little Bowden. We have planned an exciting and varied curriculum which we cannot wait to teach.


Developing independence is a really important part of being in Year Six. We are very aware that part of our role in school is to prepare our children for their move to secondary school and with this in mind much of the Year Six curriculum fosters responsibility and independence. From the moment the children enter Year Six, they are responsible for their own learning, expectations are high and they are encouraged to work independently. We ask that parents support this by helping to develop children’s independence and encouraging them to be responsible. Children should pack their own bag for school, be responsible for their homework tasks and bring their homework in on time.


In Year Six we are trying to encourage independence in reading and a love of books; the children will be heard reading less often as they are now at a standard where they have the ability and the skills to read independently. Any children that we feel still need additional support will receive this within school. The children will be taught reading strategies during guided reading. Encouraging reading as a leisure activity can be one of the best ways to improve your child’s performance in English. Remember children should be encouraged to read for enjoyment and comics and magazines are sometimes useful to encourage more reluctant readers. Even the most able reader will often appreciate books, which have some illustration. If your child is not enjoying a book encourage them to pick something else.


At Little Bowden we have a high expectation for presentation when it comes to uniform. We expect children to wear the correct uniform inline with the school's policy; leavers hoodies can only be worn on PE days.


PE days for this term are, Wednesday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor). On these days children are allowed to come to school wearing their PE kit including their orange hoodies.


We look forward to working with all the Year Six children and to ensure they have a successful and fulfilling final year at Little Bowden. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.


Thank you

Year Six teachers – Mrs Dhesi and Mr Mooney