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Early Years Foundation Stage

W/c Monday 9th May, 2022


Our new phonic sound this week is 'oy' and the children will bring home their RWInc page on this later on in the week. We will also be building in some extra time to work on reading and spelling of the 'RED' words. Keep practising all your phonics at home, as it is really paying off now and your blending is really improving!

Our role play areas are changing as our English work over the next few weeks will be based around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk - so watch out for them coming home roaring FEE FIE FOE FUM! We will be doing lots of acting in our Giant's Castle. We will also be learning about other types of castles as part of our work on Kings, Queens and Knights - with lots of small world play opportunities. I wonder who will be able to build the largest sand castle in the sand pit or the most interesting one with the building blocks or with the loose parts play?

In Maths, we will continue to develop verbal counting to 20 and beyond, including from different starting numbers, as well as developing confidence and accuracy when counting objects. We will also consolidate our understanding of 5. We will deepen our understanding of a 'whole' being made up of smaller parts through games and practical experiences, such as investigating different ways to represent 5 monkeys jumping on a bed. Although the children have worked on the composition of 5 in previous weeks, a key focus this time will be on visualising and using spatial language to describe the groups within 5. They will also have opportunities to explore and make links between different, increasingly abstract, representations of the numbers within 5. Using and making links between these different representations (fingers, die frames and 10-frames) will draw attention to the composition of 5 and encourage the children to develop a deep and holistic understanding.

Our creation station and art area will be very busy making props for our role play areas!

As the weather warms up, you may wish to apply a long lasting sun cream to your child before coming to school. The children may bring their own named sun cream to school if you wish, but need to be able to apply this themselves independently. From previous experience they tend to spend their entire break time putting it on and rubbing it in and not actually going out to play, as well as getting it in their eyes - so we would recommend using a brand that has a version that lasts several hours. Any concerns about sun cream please pop to see Mrs Baldwin at her gate before or after school. Don't forget to bring a sun hat and your water bottles each day too!

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