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LSLSSP - For more active challenges check out what our sports partnership have been up to!

Inclusive sports week:

New Age Kurling at Home

Sitting Volleyball At Home

Try the Inclusive Sport of sitting volleyball at Home. For more information follow us on twitter @lslssp

Boccia At Home

Try the Inclusive Sport of Boccia at home. For more information follow us on twitter @lslssp

Tennis at home:

Tennis Racket Skills At Home

Test your tennis skills out at home. For more details follow us on twitter @lslssp

Tennis Matches At Home

Football at home:

Passing Skills At Home

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Dribbling Skills at Home

Mr Pantony takes us through some drills designed to improve your dribbling skills!!

Cricket at home:

Catching Skills At Home

Well-being at home:

Simple Relaxation At Home

Try 3 simple relaxation techniques at home. For more follow us on twitter @lslssp

Breathing Techniques 2 by Sherraine from Samskara Yoga

One of our local yoga coaches takes you there some useful breathing techniques to ease frustration and support relaxation.

Making Healthy Snacks

Mr Pantony show you how to make a healthy snack, a Fruit Rambler!!