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Set 1 Phonics

To support you to recognise which sounds your child is still struggling with we thought a quick home assessment and tracker grid might help you.  


We would suggest that this is completed every Monday or every other Monday.  Its main purpose is to highlight the phonics in which your child has not yet secured in their working memory.  Therefore, giving you the information of which sounds to repeat regularly throughout the week.  


We see this being used in the following way:  Your child sits at the computer and works their way through the PowerPoint.  You have the tracker grid.  Listen carefully to how your child is saying each sound.  If they pause for slightly too long or you are not sure of their pronunciation, record it as a question mark.  Allowing you to go over that sound at a later time.


We hope this helps and feel free to photograph your tracker grids and send them to your teacher.

Well done for all that you are doing,

From the Foundation Team.