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Year 4

Music Videos

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Woodwind lessons with Tracey Foster Joy

Music Lesson Videos

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Tracey Foster-Joy

Hello Year 4 , 


Welcome back to the Summer Term. We hope you all had a lovely Easter break!  For the first half of this term we will be travelling back in time to find out about The Romans and their influence on modern day Britain. We are really looking forward to getting started again.


A few reminders...


PE days will be Tuesdays ( outdoor )  and Thursdays ( indoor )  when children can wear their PE kit for school. Trainers or school shoes are allowed every day.


Spellings will be tested on a Monday and new spellings for the week can be found on the website below. 


Weekly spelling lists are added to ED SHED each week for children to practice. Please email us if you need your passwords again.


My maths is to be completed each week. This term we have added all of the times tables for children to continue to practice. As they enter Year 5, it will be expected that the children know their times tables up to 12 x 12 and this will greatly help them as they move up the school. 


TTRockstars is another way to weekly practice times tables. 


Thank you for all your support,

The Year 4 Team. 






Times Tables Test


We will be completing the government's trial of the multiplication times tables test in June. 

Here are some links to other sites that will help your child to get prepared at home.

TT rockstars and My Maths are still very useful tools. 


Summer Term Overview

Times Table Booklet

Mars latest

NASA and the UAE have very kindly timed two very important visits to Mars to coincide with our space topic. 

NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) landed a 1 tonne rover onto the surface of a dried lake bed on Mars yesterday 18th of February and UAE (United Arab Emirates) put a satellite into Mars orbit a week ago. Both will be sending pictures and exciting new understanding of Mars to us over the next few weeks.  

If you are feeling bored over half term, take a look at some of these activities: Spring into Spring. 

  Safer internet day   9th February 2021

  When is safer internet day? ............  Every day!  Every day we must think safety when we use the internet but on Tuesday we will be focusing on how to use the internet safely and what the dangers could be. 

  We will be looking at the issues on Tuesday. Below is a link to the Safer internet day website where information and many of the resources we will be using can be found.

 Mrs Boa has been taking part in the RSPB Great British Bird Count 2021
Mrs Boa presents an assembly for year 3 and 4 
Check out the Sports Page for active challenges from Mr Moir and other links. 
                              Home Learning for week beginning 18/1 /2021


  BBC tv for school children during the lockdown


  The BBC are doing their bit for schools during the lockdown by putting on lessons via the TV. So if you are struggling with a shortage of laptops, iPads etc this is another way to access education. The CBBC channel is being used to air primary school programmes beginning at 9.00am on Monday the 11th. Programmes aimed at year 4 begin at 9:20 but those before and after will probably be of interest. The lessons seem not to be following our curriculum time table but are all relevant  to the years teaching. We would appreciate feed back regarding how the lessons go.

 All the lessons are available in catch up via the internet.

Ed shed for spellings. Remember Edshed spellings? 4KK green card passwords, 4SH orange card passwords. Email us if you have lost your password.

Remote learning using Email and teams

Spring Homework choices for something different.

  Update w/e October 9th

    The times tables homework booklet was sent home last week. If your child has "mislaid" their copy a replacement is available on this website. TT rockstars is also available via the web address below. Children should know their log in but unfortunately we can't offer a copy on the web page.

 Lots of practice on times tables please. The Government may cancel GCSE's but we're not taking a chance they will cancel year 4 times tables tests.

Dear Parents,


We hope that our Times Tables Booklet has found its way home to you this week. Please try to spend some time learning tables at home and using My Maths or TT Rockstars. It is expected that children know all their times tables by the end of Year 4. We will be continuing to practice them in school as well as completing times table grids each week. 


Don't forget that spellings are tested each Monday in class with the new spellings being given on a Monday, as well as available on the school website. 


We have made a decision in year 4 to not send Reading Records and reading books home until after half term. This doesn't mean we don't want you to read at home but we are concerned about books being lost between home and school and the movement between school without bags etc.  If you are struggling to find something to read at home, please let us know so that we can review this and send books home to read if this is easier. 


Thank you, Year 4 teachers. 

Update w/e 25th September

 Nearly all parents evenings completed during the past week. If you haven't been contacted then please enquire through the school office to make an appointment.  It has be helpful to us and hopefully helpful to you to have a chat about your child and how they are settling in to this very unusual year. As I mentioned to many parents the children have coped better than we expected and we feel progress is being made in catching up from the disruptions of last term.


Update for W/E 18th 


 Although it felt a bit strange the telephone version of parents' evening is going well. I was a bit sceptical to begin with but the conversations over the week have been positive and helpful. Unfortunately you didn't get to see your child's work but then you didn't have to wait in the corridor for ages  and I didn't need to tidy my classroom up! Yes Mrs Hiscocks I did tidy my room last year.

 One concern I feel I should clarify is the homelearning we are putting on the site.(the stuff behind the crayons) This is really only there for children who can't attend school due to lockdown etc. It can be used by you to gain an idea of what the children have been doing but it's not compulsory. 

  In the topic section we asked if any one wished to share pictures of their canal and river walks for display on this web page. If you have any can you email them to   with mine or Mrs Hiscocks name on them.



Home learning in year four


 Although children have returned to school there remains the threat, in the event of a local outbreak, of whole or partial school closure. Even more likely individual children may need to stay at home for self isolation reasons. We intend to maintain this part of the school website as a backup for those children who are not able to be in our lessons. It will have most of the essential elements of the weeks activities. Regular reading, times tables etc should be kept up as well.


   Weekly spellings will be also put on this site and all children will be expected to access them from here in school or not.


4KK and 4SH

                    Welcome to year 4                                                   2020-2021                            

  This school year has begun as the last one ended with many changes and challenges. For the  first few days of this term we met with our old classes and teachers. Meeting old friends has helped us all to remember and get used to full classrooms and experience the new routines of school life. We were really pleased with how everyone quickly got used to the new ways of working and we are sure the new classes will be happy in the new but  different autumn term.


 Mrs Hiscocks

 Mr Keal

 Mrs Keal


                                              A few bits of house keeping.

      P.E. and swimming.  We shall be having 2 P.E. sessions per week for each class. Changing for P.E. is not possible under the current conditions so trainers will need to be worn all day for those days in particular.

     Outdoor P.E. both classes (separate locations) Tuesday afternoon.

     Indoor P.E.   4KK   Wednesday morning

     Indoor P.E.   4SH   Thursday morning


 Swimming currently will not take place due to covid-19. Many challenges here not least having to keep on wet costumes as changing would be very restricted. Our latest update is that we aim to be swimming in the summer term. 



For the first two weeks we intend to assess the new classes and determine any actions needed to make up for the disruption of the previous terms.

 Weekly spellings (issued Monday, tested the following Monday) will be put on this website beginning 14th September. Minimising paper moving between school and home and back is important.  

The usual homework grid for this term can be found below:




Topic work. 


    The school will be focusing heavily on English and Maths to ensure no child falls behind in these vital areas. However, we will continue our topic work incorporating it into our main curriculum areas. The overview for our learning this term can be found below. 


   This term we will be looking at "Rivers and Canals". This topic always receives the children's interest because of the local accessibility. In previous years we have taken advantage of the late summer weather and had three walks/visits to local sites.


  First a walk along the river Welland around Welland Park looking at features of a river.

  Second a walk into around the Union Wharf, Market Harborough to look at features of a canal

  And finally a trip to Foxton Locks with guided tour of the locks and the inclined plan.


 None of these will be possible this year due to, you guessed it, covid-19. However if parents are able to take (within the bounds of current restrictions and keeping water safety in mind) their children for an afternoon stroll to any or all of the above it would be appreciated. I believe refreshments are available for the weary traveller at all.

 Any pictures for this website would also be appreciated.


 Last years website updates.

  For information only





Hello Year 4!  (2019-2020)


Well.....a huge well done! You have made it to the end of term, well just about.


Thank you all for staying so positive throughout this time. We are so looking forward to seeing you all back in school at the end of August. 


For this last week we are setting some fun challenges for you to have a go at. 


We wish you all a happy and safe summer holiday.


Best wishes,

From the Year 4 team.




    For all Year 4 children email







                        Week 13

                  The Final Countdown

                             Week 12

        Nearly the Summer Holidays!!

                                                                      Week 11

                  Week 10

Constellation Art

                      Week 9

                                       Week 8 

Maths for week 8


Welcome back to maths.  After your break you should be fully rested to take on maths, yeah!! 

White Rose maths is back with daily teaching and Friday challenge but the worksheets are down-loadable from this website not the White Rose one.


Adding fractions, remember to add the top number (numerator),but don't add the bottom number(denominator). 

Fractions of an amount. Fractions are usually taught to start with as fractions of a whole. Half a cake, a third of an apple, quarter of a bar a chocolate, etc (often food for no apparent reason). Fractions of an amount refers to parts of a group, half the class, a third of thirty sweets etc.


Keep up with TTrockstars and look out for Mymaths.   BBC bitesize is still there for support

The half term's new topic is

Earth and Space

For the next few weeks we will be investigating and learning about the Earth we live on and the space around it. We will begin with the solar system and where the Earth fits in. We shall also investigate the moon, its place around Earth and how to get there!

The solar system

We will begin our new topic by finding out about the solar system.  By the way Sol is Latin for Sun so we are back to the Romans again. The solar system is the Sun system.

BBC bitesize explains well.


A way to remember the order of the planets.

Make up a mnemonic    Here is the one I use to remember


My Very Early Morning Jam Sandwiches Usually Nauseate People.




8 or 9 planets? When I learned about planets there were nine now there is only eight. Poor Pluto is no longer a planet.


The following link is a bit technical and you may need some one older to help but iy does explain why Pluto is no longer a planet

Worksheets and information booklet. Solar system

Spacex launch

Still image for this video
This is one to watch. The space race is back on. The USA have put their own astronauts into space for the first time in nine years. They have docked with the international space station. This is a new stage in space travel.

Welcome to half term at Little Bowden. You get to stay at home but with less maths and writing!!

We didn't quite finish the Romans so I have put on a couple of powerpoints one showing why the Romans eventually had to leave Britain and a second showing some of the things the Romans left behind.

  Open them, read them and think. How did the people left behind feel? Do you think the Romans were a good or bad thing for Britain? No need to write just think and discuss.

Don't Forget our May Competition  


Below are some challenges for each day in May. 

There are active, writing and maths challenges for you to try. 

Who is up for the challenge?

Remember to send us in your pictures. 

Good Luck ! 

                    Week 7 

Film review for Legends of the Lost Keys

Week Seven maths


  White Rose maths is back to fractions this week. Mostly revision work beginning with tenths and hundredths.

  Equivalent fraction for Tuesday and Wednesday may be more easily understood with some hands on resources. Cutting up paper can help but sharing packets of sweets or cutting up a cake can really focus a child's mind especially if siblings are involved!

 Don't forget MyMaths homework and TTRockstars.



  The Romans


Key question 4.       What was life like for ordinary Romans?


It's easy to think that Romans spent all their time marching about and fighting everyone. As with most of history battles and important people only happen occasionally and most people for most of the time just got on with life. In fact the Roman Empire was successful because of the peace that its strength brought to its citizens.

 Research time. With permission I would like you to use the internet to find out about how Romans lived 2000 years ago. Food, houses, roads,education, pottery, sport, etc.


Use this information to do one or more of the following. 


Make an information poster in Roman life.

Write a comparison of your life and a Roman child aged 8 or 9.

Make a shoe box diorama.  Not sure what a diorama is, follow this link,     


Sorry its a bit American but it explains quickly what you need to know.


An everyday Roman's world in lego


A big drawing/painting showing an everyday Roman scene


A few possible research links


Take pictures of what you create




A few more ideas to keep you busy. Try a few or do lots!

Design Technology


The below link has some useful ideas in creating designs and expanding the children’s knowledge about how they can be used. Ideal to try outside when the weather is nice!


A message from Mr Keal

Still image for this video
Mr Keal sends a message , camera by Mrs Keal, 200,000 other actors involved
                Week 6

                   Latest maths update

   If you have been on to White Rose this week you will have found our access to worksheets has been limited, we are working on a solution to this. However in the meantime BBC Bitesize and White Rose maths have been working together and are combining their activities into the daily lesson. The link below will take you to the current and past lessons which include challenges.




 Many thanks to Martha's mum for checking this one out.

Maths for week six

 White Rose maths this week is all about using the skills learned last week to solve problems this week. Food is a big feature again for the first day, just like last week's Friday challenge. Has anyone got pictures of their geometric cake and how they cut it up? Can't think of a better way to learn about maths than cooking and then eating the answers.








Reading comprehension

Roman Britain


Key question 3, part 2.  What happened when Boudicca met the Romans?


   In 61 AD, some years after their successful invasion, the Romans managed to upset and annoy the Celts. The Iceni in particular and their Queen especially.  Up to 100,000 blue painted, impulsive but brave Celtic warriors, many in chariots, rampaged around the South East of Britain killing Roman civilians and burning down Colchester, St Albans and even London.

   When they bumped into only 5,000 Roman soldiers about 30 miles from Market Harborough they were ready for a fight.What could possibly go wrong??


  Use the evidence from the past few weeks to write a short report explaining why the battle ended with nearly 80,000 dead Celts and only 400 dead Romans. 

 The Romans were here stay.



                         The Legend of the Lost Keys


  Welcome to The Legend of the Lost Keys. A strange story it's a bit like the Romans meet Dr Who!

   This is a good old fashioned tale from the days of "Look and Read". It shows its age as the characters don't have mobile phones and there is no internet. It was made for a wide range of school years so some of the literacy can be basic. Stick with it, it's worth it. Don't binge watch, do an episode a day and build up the tension.

 Extra marks for the parents who recognise the link with Basil Fawlty??

What have you found out so far?

Fantasy Art

Get your creative hats on this week with our Fantasy challenge. 

See below for details.

                                            Week Five 

Maths for week 5

Week 5 and a break from decimals. For the next two weeks we will be revising and extending the children's understanding of multiplication, division, area and perimeter. Times tables skills will be needed. The basics have been covered before this year and in previous years. Warning. Children are usually able to complete area and perimeter questions easily but confusion often occurs as to which one is add and which one is times!!


   *Where the activity says use place value counters you may need to make a few by writing 1000, 100, 10, 1 on small squares of card/paper.





Museum History

Big Question number 3 (part 1)  

Should the Celts take on the Romans?


So far we have learned about the Celts and looked at the reasons why the Romans decided to invade and take over Britain. This week we will learn about the Roman army. Look at the Powerpoint, it's long so take your time. Complete the work sheets and then write a short piece in your homelearning books deciding whether the Celts should take on the Romans.

  Next week we will find out what happened!


The Roman Legionarys Equipment.mp4

Still image for this video

Roman Soldiers - Demonstration of Imperial Power 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Oxford owl e-books and home learning resources.


Little Bowden School subscribes to Oxford Owl spelling and reading resources.

They have created a brilliant home learning zone.

This includes online spelling practise, loads of ebooks and other activities.


Here are your class logins and instructions which will allow you to access these high quality materials:- 


Google Oxford Owl




Click the Class Login button


Put in username and password

This will take you to the Home page for home learning.


Class 4MH     username: class4MH         password: LBowden4MH


Class 4KK       username:  4KK!                password:    carrot

    Week Four 

Maths for week 4


White Rose maths is now available for week four

Another week of decimals but now the children's skills are being applied to problem solving. The use of decimals in money is also explored. The word equation appears in lesson one. This may worry some children as it sounds a bit scary. The equals sign is key, either side of the side must add up to the same, equal.

  I would appreciate any thoughts on the Friday challenge. It doesn't appear until later in the week and I'm interested to find out if it is enjoyed by the children.





The Romans are here!


Last week we studied the Celts. These were the people who lived in what we now call England. (It didn't get called England until the Romans had left.) In AD 43 after a few false starts they got here and stayed.

 This week I would like you to research and discover the answer to the first BIG question in this topic.


"Why did the Romans invade Britain?"


It's a simple question but why would a group of successful people living in a warm Mediterranean country with lovely food, wine, cities etc bother to invade a remote cold and damp island where it snows?


Have a look at the powerpoint and video links below. Combine this information with your own research to help you complete the questions on the word document called Invasion.


Don't forget BBC Bitesize and you may have history books on the shelves in your house, ask an adult.

Research for the Roman invasion

Roman reading comprehension. Choose the suitable level for your child.

Interesting and useful

Still image for this video
This video is copyright to CareerVidz . The answers to the questions can be put on the Invasion sheet or in your homelearning book

British Warriors vs Roman Invaders - A History of Celtic Britain - Episode 3 - Preview - BBC Two.mp4

Still image for this video

Invasion worksheet

BBC Bitesize


Beginning on 20th April BBC Bitesize will be offering a range of useful resources that will be helpful to all of us.


Their main website can be found at, 



Daily live lessons at specific times are also being offered.


Year 4's work can be found more specifically at,



 I've had a good look through the resources offered and they seem both varied and useful. The interactive games and challenges in maths and English could be  particularly helpful in both focusing and entertaining children.

  Our school will be pleased find the Mandarin area. This will be helpful in both reminding as well as progressing the children's language work.



Caution. This website offers a wide range of excellent resources and we shall be recommending specific areas during the summer term. The site is very broad and even the KS2 part covers years 3-6. Your child is not expected to learn and understand all of this. Many areas in history, geography and science for example will not be taught until year 5 or 6. Maths concepts and ideas for older children can be difficult and even disheartening for younger children. Please supervise and guide your children in their choices. However revisiting work done in previous years is a great for reviewing and reminding.


Slide show


 Year 4 would like to put together a slide show of the children showing themselves, their work and any interesting things they have been doing during these strange times. If the parents of children in year 4 could confirm via email their acceptance or not  of their child's pictures appearing on this web site then we can begin to build a slide show. No names will appear. 


Mr Keal

Maths week three

Welcome back from the Easter holidays. It's time to get back to being at home again!!


White Rose maths have worked hard and week 3 (week commencing 20th April) can be found at the following web link.




Steady but sure please. Consolidating and confirming understanding is much more important than rushing ahead. 


Keep up the times tables work,   TTrockstars


Look out for Mymaths homework.

The Romans are coming!

Year 4's new topic for the summer term is the The Romans and their invasion and occupation of Britain.


  The Roman occupation of Britain is one of my favourite topics. Unlike the Mayans and the Egyptians the Romans lived here, yes right here! They ruled, lived, worked and played in Market Harborough. Market Harborough wasn't here then but if a group of people spend nearly 400 years wandering around a country it's very likely one of them walked through your living room.

  They finally got here in AD43, I say finally because they had a couple of goes about 90 years earlier and didn't bother to stay? They didn't leave for nearly 400 years. In AD 410 they got the call to bring the army back and things got a bit rough around here. 

 Just think about that, for 367 years Britain was Roman. No one spoke English, the earth was flat and no iphones!! 


Where to begin? 

 Lets find out about the people who the Romans invaded, the Celts.

 Look at the following links to help you understand how they lived and why the Romans came to Britain.

  Home Learning week 2

Below are some new activities and challenges for your second week of homelearning. Well done to every one who completed last weeks work. The work in week one will remain active for those children who need to catch up.


  A one off activity for Wednesday.  UPDATE all seeds have now been sent out, 01.04.20

    Every year Mrs Keal likes to plant a couple rows of doughnut seeds in her garden. Depending on how good the summer is she can get up to 100 delicious sweet doughnuts from each plant. Nothing better than a freshly picked doughnut and a cup of coffee for an 11 o'clock break 


  This year is a very unusual year and we thought it might be possible for you to grow some of these valuable plants in a pot in your house. Therefore  Mrs Keal is prepared to share a few of these valuable seeds with children in year 4. (not any other year group). If you are interested please let her know by 12 noon tomorrow.


  WARNING.  Mr Miller is a known doughnut lover and has been known to seek out these rare plants and take a few doughnuts, even before they are ripe!!

Doughnut seeds


Maths week 2.


Follow this link to White Rose's second week of maths lessons.  Scroll down the page to find week 2 below week 1.

Cross number puzzle. 4KK is familiar with these. 4MH these work the same as crossword puzzles only with numbers. To a question such as 3 across 145 + 21 down you need to have the answer to 21 down first. Don't work through from beginning to end do the easy ones first. Sorry this one needs printing out, if you can't access a printer you may have to leave this challenge.

Lots of spelling games here to keep you busy if you haven't tried them from week 1. Use along with the year 4 words.

An active snakes and ladders game for you to try.

Get creative with this art challenge!


The school has emailed out details to a website we use regularly at school called espresso. 

You can access this from home- please use your email for the relevant password and links.

However, the following pages are all useful and relevant resources and activities to support learning we have already done in school. Follow the links:


1. KS2 Maths- Fractions (lower) - videos and activities.


2. KS2 Maths- Fractions and Decimals (lower) - videos and activities.


3. KS2 English- Comprehension (lower) - The Butterfly Lion and The BFG.


4. KS2- English- English Grammar - Conjunctions and clauses - activities.


5. KS2- Science - Electricity Lower - videos and activities.


We hope you find these useful. 

 Visit and try out times tables activities and many other fun activities to keep you moving. 

Home Learning Activities Week 1

Here are some activities which you can do at home to keep your Maths, English and activity levels up to date. Choose as many as you like! 




  At Little Bowden  we use a mastery approach to teaching maths. The ethos of the mastery approach is to teach in small progressive steps ensuring clear and consolidated understanding before moving on. Emphasis is also placed on reasoning, i.e. Can the pupil "explain" their understanding.

    The order in which we teach subject areas and many of the resources are taken from White Rose Maths.  In year four we have already begun learning about decimals. This first group of lessons (one per day) will consolidate some previous work as well as progressing understanding.

  The children are familiar with the style and will recognise the reasoning questions asked by the cartoon characters. Children's answers can be written into their home learning books to save printing the sheets out. Take time to discuss the answers.




  Don't forget to visit TT rockstars to keep up your times tables skills. School post code LE16 8AY




  Mymaths home. Decimals added 25th March





Understanding decimals video. Copyright Komodo maths acknowledged

Still image for this video
Place value and decimals less than one explained

Make a wind turbine. Use the template below or your own creation.

We thought some of you with Lego would enjoy this challenge...

To find out more about the Easter Story you can read the powerpoint, Easter Story KS2 on Twinkl to help you write the Easter comic strip or Easter story.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS

This website has loads of resources for Maths and English too including powerpoints to help explain many learning objectives.

Easter activities


  • Try to read for at least 20 minutes per day.
  • Talk about what you have read to an adult.

Choose the right level for your child.

Spring Term 2020


Firstly, welcome back and we wish you all a very Happy New Year.


Our topics this term are 'Ancient Maya' and 'Energy and the Environment'.


Spellings will continue to be set and tested on Mondays.

Please remember the reading challenge in 4MH, where we ask you to sign the homework diary when you have heard your child read or discussed their book. We check this every Monday. 


Outdoor P.E will now be on a Monday, instead of swimming. Please ensure your child has the correct outdoor kit for the colder weather. 

Indoor P.E will continue on a Tuesday. 

Health & Safety reminder: No jewellery to be worn during PE lessons, however if earrings can’t be removed, then they need taping over.


We are working towards our Year 4 Times Table national test next term, so please continue to practice all the times tables with your child and make use of 'Times Table Rock Stars' and 'My Maths'. 

Year 4 STEM days. Bridges and Food!

4KK were active in science this week. The learnt how to be solids, liqiuds and gases.


Welcome to year 4 at Little Bowden Primary school. 4MH and 4KK

This year Mrs Hiscocks and Mrs McCathie will be looking after 4MH and Mr and Mrs Keal will be looking after 4KK. Over the year we will be updating this page with reports on our adventures as well as adding useful documents such as homework and spellings.  

4KK began the term with a team building activity. The "Gutter game"

After an uncertain start we got really good at the ball moving without dropping it.

The Gutter Game challenge

Year 4's first trip. On the 5th of September we all walked along the River Jordan and then the River Welland. This was to help understanding in our Rivers and Canals topic.

Year 4's second trip was to the Canal Basin in Harborough. Here we discussed why and how canals were built and compared them to rivers.

Our next trip was to Foxton Locks where we looked at boating families in the past, habitats on the waterways, Foxton Locks over the years and we got to see how the locks work!