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Year 4


Dear Parents and Carers,

                                    In this far from ideal situation, we wish to support your child's learning as best we can.


The Year 4 page will be updated regularly with maths, writing, reading and other curricular activities. We would ideally like each family to communicate with us at least once a week, via the emails provided below, in order to let us know how you are getting on. You may ask us questions about tasks set or even better send us some completed work. Your child has also been given an exercise book in which they can record their work. When you send us an email, please make it clear who it is from. 


At the very least, we hope that every child reads regularly, practises their times tables and mental maths. However, we recommend that your child should complete some maths, writing and reading from the activities provided every day. As a rough guide, upto 45 minutes of each subject is plenty. 

We wish you all well and let's hope that we can all be back at school as soon as possible,

                                             Very Best Wishes, 

                                                From the year 4 Team 



      For Mrs Hiscocks' and Mrs McCathie's class




    For Mr and Mrs Keal's class



  Home Learning week 2

Below are some new activities and challenges for your second week of homelearning. Well done to every one who completed last weeks work. The work in week one will remain active for those children who need to catch up.


  A one off activity for Wednesday.  UPDATE all seeds have now been sent out, 01.04.20

    Every year Mrs Keal likes to plant a couple rows of doughnut seeds in her garden. Depending on how good the summer is she can get up to 100 delicious sweet doughnuts from each plant. Nothing better than a freshly picked doughnut and a cup of coffee for an 11 o'clock break 


  This year is a very unusual year and we thought it might be possible for you to grow some of these valuable plants in a pot in your house. Therefore  Mrs Keal is prepared to share a few of these valuable seeds with children in year 4. (not any other year group). If you are interested please let her know by 12 noon tomorrow.


  WARNING.  Mr Miller is a known doughnut lover and has been known to seek out these rare plants and take a few doughnuts, even before they are ripe!!

Doughnut seeds

Doughnut seeds 1


Maths week 2.


Follow this link to White Rose's second week of maths lessons.  Scroll down the page to find week 2 below week 1.

Cross number puzzle. 4KK is familiar with these. 4MH these work the same as crossword puzzles only with numbers. To a question such as 3 across 145 + 21 down you need to have the answer to 21 down first. Don't work through from beginning to end do the easy ones first. Sorry this one needs printing out, if you can't access a printer you may have to leave this challenge.

Lots of spelling games here to keep you busy if you haven't tried them from week 1. Use along with the year 4 words.

An active snakes and ladders game for you to try.

Get creative with this art challenge!


The school has emailed out details to a website we use regularly at school called espresso. 

You can access this from home- please use your email for the relevant password and links.

However, the following pages are all useful and relevant resources and activities to support learning we have already done in school. Follow the links:


1. KS2 Maths- Fractions (lower) - videos and activities.


2. KS2 Maths- Fractions and Decimals (lower) - videos and activities.


3. KS2 English- Comprehension (lower) - The Butterfly Lion and The BFG.


4. KS2- English- English Grammar - Conjunctions and clauses - activities.


5. KS2- Science - Electricity Lower - videos and activities.


We hope you find these useful. 

 Visit and try out times tables activities and many other fun activities to keep you moving. 

Home Learning Activities Week 1

Here are some activities which you can do at home to keep your Maths, English and activity levels up to date. Choose as many as you like! 




  At Little Bowden  we use a mastery approach to teaching maths. The ethos of the mastery approach is to teach in small progressive steps ensuring clear and consolidated understanding before moving on. Emphasis is also placed on reasoning, i.e. Can the pupil "explain" their understanding.

    The order in which we teach subject areas and many of the resources are taken from White Rose Maths.  In year four we have already begun learning about decimals. This first group of lessons (one per day) will consolidate some previous work as well as progressing understanding.

  The children are familiar with the style and will recognise the reasoning questions asked by the cartoon characters. Children's answers can be written into their home learning books to save printing the sheets out. Take time to discuss the answers.




  Don't forget to visit TT rockstars to keep up your times tables skills. School post code LE16 8AY




  Mymaths home. Decimals added 25th March





Understanding decimals video. Copyright Komodo maths acknowledged

Still image for this video
Place value and decimals less than one explained

Make a wind turbine. Use the template below or your own creation.

We thought some of you with Lego would enjoy this challenge...

To find out more about the Easter Story you can read the powerpoint, Easter Story KS2 on Twinkl to help you write the Easter comic strip or Easter story.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS

This website has loads of resources for Maths and English too including powerpoints to help explain many learning objectives.

Easter activities


  • Try to read for at least 20 minutes per day.
  • Talk about what you have read to an adult.

Choose the right level for your child.

Spring Term 2020


Firstly, welcome back and we wish you all a very Happy New Year.


Our topics this term are 'Ancient Maya' and 'Energy and the Environment'.


Spellings will continue to be set and tested on Mondays.

Please remember the reading challenge in 4MH, where we ask you to sign the homework diary when you have heard your child read or discussed their book. We check this every Monday. 


Outdoor P.E will now be on a Monday, instead of swimming. Please ensure your child has the correct outdoor kit for the colder weather. 

Indoor P.E will continue on a Tuesday. 

Health & Safety reminder: No jewellery to be worn during PE lessons, however if earrings can’t be removed, then they need taping over.


We are working towards our Year 4 Times Table national test next term, so please continue to practice all the times tables with your child and make use of 'Times Table Rock Stars' and 'My Maths'. 

Year 4 STEM days. Bridges and Food!

4KK were active in science this week. The learnt how to be solids, liqiuds and gases.

4KK were active in science this week.  The learnt how to be solids, liqiuds and gases. 1
4KK were active in science this week.  The learnt how to be solids, liqiuds and gases. 2
4KK were active in science this week.  The learnt how to be solids, liqiuds and gases. 3


Welcome to year 4 at Little Bowden Primary school. 4MH and 4KK

This year Mrs Hiscocks and Mrs McCathie will be looking after 4MH and Mr and Mrs Keal will be looking after 4KK. Over the year we will be updating this page with reports on our adventures as well as adding useful documents such as homework and spellings.  

4KK began the term with a team building activity. The "Gutter game"

After an uncertain start we got really good at the ball moving without dropping it.

The Gutter Game challenge

Year 4's first trip. On the 5th of September we all walked along the River Jordan and then the River Welland. This was to help understanding in our Rivers and Canals topic.

Year 4's second trip was to the Canal Basin in Harborough. Here we discussed why and how canals were built and compared them to rivers.

Our next trip was to Foxton Locks where we looked at boating families in the past, habitats on the waterways, Foxton Locks over the years and we got to see how the locks work!