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Notices and Weekly Updates

Week commencing 12th October

This week we will continue to learn through play. We will practise reciting our nursery rhymes and continue singing songs to help us with our counting. We will be practising using the percussion instruments outside to create our own sounds and music. We will continue our topic work on People Who Help Us. We will learn all about the emergency services and how to dial for help if it was needed. 


In Phonics this week the children will be learning the 'n' and 'p' sounds. We will be practising reading, writing and recognising these sounds. At the end of the week the children will be bringing sound sheets home to practise their letter formation. Please continue to go through all the previous sounds at regular intervals throughout the week. This will support your child with their understanding of Phonics. Towards the end of the week we will practise blending sounds together to read simple words using the sounds we have already taught; (m, a, s, d, t, i, n and p) to read words such as; sat, tap, pin, pat, man, map, is, in, tin etc. We will use Fred Frog to help us. 


In Maths this week the children will be exploring all about the number five. The children will be practising counting out five objects using the different maths apparatus and equipment, ordering numbers correctly into a sequence (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), writing the number five in chalk outside and recognising the number five on an outside number hunt! To support the children with this we will be using the Numberblocks characters to help. We will also be singing the Numberblocks song as well as singing; Five Little Speckled Frogs, Five Little Ducks, Five Currant Buns, Five Little Monkeys and 1 2 3 4 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive. For more information on the teaching of early mathematics please see;


PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education). In our PSHE lessons this week we will be using the NSPCC Pantosaurus video to help explain to the children the PANTS rules. We will also be practising labelling body parts using the correct terminology. If you wish to find out more information on this please visit;


We will be exploring the tradition of Harvest this week. We will be thinking about farmers and their role in supplying food for us to eat. We will also be thinking about other people who might not have enough food to eat. We will be exploring the book; It's a No Money Day - by Kate Milner and will be discussing food banks. Any tinned food donations for the Harvest Festival Food Banks would be greatly appreciated. 


We will continue to practise our Harvest assembly in the school hall and we are hoping to record this for you to watch from home. If you have not given us permission to record your child at school then please rest assured that they will still be part of the rehearsals but that their image will not be displayed on our final performance of our Enormous Turnip story on the school website.


I am sure that you will agree that the children have been working incredibly hard at school during this first half term. We want to say a big well done to all the children for settling into new school routines so well and for following the rules at Little Bowden school. We also wanted to say a big thank you to all the grown-ups for your continued support during this time. We understand that it may be difficult to pass on messages at the school gates whilst wearing masks. If you would prefer to send your child in with a written letter or a note in the yellow reading record as a way of communicating a message, please feel free to do so. Towards the end of this week you may notice that your child is very tired. Please ensure that you all enjoy a well-deserved rest and re-charge over the half term holiday! 

*Please don't forget that school is closed on Friday 16th October for a Teacher Training Day. 


Week commencing 5th October, 2020

We hope the rain didn't spoil your weekend!

Please remember to bring a warm, waterproof coat to school this week as it's looking wet and we will be using our outside classroom. This week the children will be counting conkers and using the large wooden balance scale to weigh using the conkers. 


We will be starting work on our "People Who Help us' topic and our very helpful Premises Officer, Mr Scrase has kindly been doing some drilling for us! We now have a giant wooden giraffe attached to our wall outside and we will be finding out how tall we are. Indoors we will be drawing around our feet and measuring them using cubes (as a uniform non-standard unit of measurement). Number 4 is our number of the week and we will be counting to 4, ordering numbers to 4, discussing one more and one less than 4, finding out with number block and Numicon piece is a 4 and exploring different ways that we can make 4 i.e 4+0, 1+3, 2+2, 3+1, 4+0.

The children really loved the idea that their grown-ups had their own homework to do - to read all the phonic, pencil grip and letter formation information and to watch the information videos. Please do ask us if you have any queries related to this. The children will be learning the sounds and letter formation for 't' and 'i' this week and will bring home a copy of the sheets at the end of the week for you. We will also continue to practise writing our names with the correct letter formation. At the end of the week, the children will bring home a double-sided name card to practise on. It would be helpful for you to have a wipe off pen to write on it with or you can just practise on paper following the directional guides on the name card.


Week commencing 28th September

Please note there will be NO P.E. on Monday as the hall is being used for the school photographs. Year R's photographs are due to be taken at the start of the day whilst our uniforms and hair styles are still looking neat and tidy and before we hit the mud kitchen!!


This week our main learning will focus on the number 3 and the sounds 's' and 'd.' We will also be discussing Autumn, Harvest and the story of the Enormous Turnip. We are hoping to visit our school garden too.

Keep practising the nursery rhymes that we sent home last week. We are looking forward to your performances on the stage this week, as we had some really wonderful ones last Thursday! We hope you were pleased with your new book bags provided by the PTA and don't forget to return your books to be changed. Please make any comments about the reading scheme books, bedtime stories and other books and comics that you read at home in your child's yellow reading log.



The children are very excited that their grown-ups have some homework!!!

Please scroll down to our 'Phonics Presentation' section and read the information and watch the suggested videos. On Wednesday your child will be bringing home 6 different sets of information about phonics, letter formation and pencil grip. Please remove these from the book bags, so that your child does not loose them at school when changing their bedtime story books. If after reading all the information and watching the suggested videos, you have any questions about phonics, please ask us at pick up time.


Week commencing 21st September

This week we have been helping the children to settle in and make new friends. We are really pleased that both classes can now mix freely both inside and outside and so have re-designed our classroom and removed the barriers to work as one big unit. We have been encouraging the children to take turns, share and remember to show their lovely manners by remembering to say things like, "please, "thank you " and "after you."


We have also been carrying out baseline assessments to inform our planning and next steps for the children. One area that some of them have shown difficulty with is taking off their jumpers and cardigans, then turning any inside-out sleeves the correct way round to put them on again.  You could really help at home by letting the children dress and undress themselves independently. Please also encourage your child to practise putting on and taking off their own coat, to include doing their own fastenings and zips.

A few children are mixing up their belongings and many of the names that parents wrote in with pen have washed off now that they have been through the wash a few times. Please can you re-write in any missing names. The easiest way for the children to find their own jumper or cardigan is to sew their name onto the back of the collar. Otherwise if you are writing the names in pen or using name stickers, please show your child whereabouts you have stuck them e.g. on the care label etc so that they can find and put on the correct jumper or cardigan.


The children are continuing to enjoy exploring our outside classroom and are particularly enjoying playing in the water trays and the mud kitchen! Inside they have had new resources out this week and have enjoyed the new bigger role play house, the puppet theatre and learning about the small loose parts play. They have created some wonderful art work. They have also enjoyed painting!


We have also been learning nursery rhymes and will be sending home a sheet for you to practise singing the rhymes at home. We have started our phonics scheme of work. This week we will learn the sounds 'm' and 'a'.  As we cannot hold our phonic information evenings in school, we are putting together phonic information packs and next week we will be sending home a copy of our letter formation sheets with instructions for the homework and information about phonics to help you. In our Maths lessons, we have focused on the number 2 and have collected 2 things, learnt to write the number 2, made 2 with a 1 and another 1, identified the number 2 piece in the Numicon equipment and watched number 2 on CBeebies NumberBlocks.


The children have started reading 'wordless' books from the Lilac Book Band in our reading scheme. The PTA have kindly purchased a school book bag for each child. Further information about reading will be sent home in their book bags later on this week, with a reading scheme book and a bedtime story. You may also send in any letters or 'wow' moment slips into school in these bags. But do not use the book bags to carry water bottles, as they often open accidentally and ruin the books. The school does make a charge to replace any spoiled books.